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We clean the windows with a 7 step Process.

1. Clean outside track with nylon brush or paint brush

2. Wipe down the window with our soap solution

3. Use a razor blade to remove paint or tough debris (If necessary)

4. Use very Fine steel wool to remove the rest of the debris(If necessary)

5. Professionally squeegee the dirty water off the glass

6. Cleaning the edges of the glass and wipe down the window frames

7. Touch up areas we might have missed

How do we Clean Screens?

Probably about 90% of the time the screens are pretty dirty and we use the following process to clean them

1. Place them on the ground unless the ground- is to course for the screens

2. Thoroughly Brush all the screens with soapy water(Dawn and Water).

3. Flip the screens over and brush the other side as well

4. Hose the screens off to remove sue. 

5. After they dry we reinstall them

We also can repair and replace screens

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