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It all started when I was 8 years old and I....Just kidding. :). It really started in 2006. My brother bought a cleaning company with his father in law and I worked for him for a couple weeks and realized that I could do that too. So I spent $1500 on window cleaning supplies and drove my dad's 8 cylinder like the picture below. I started passing out flyers and things slowly picked up from there.  I think I was driving that thing when gas was over $4/gallon. Or maybe it was my jeep Cherokee. Anyway, eventually I got enough money to buy a used jeep cherokee from a friend for $600. I did so much to that thing to keep it going. This whole time I was going to school as well. I eventually got a Nissan pick up and a Toyota tacoma. I went to school for physical therapy and decided it was kind of boring so I decided to switch to pre-med classes to become a general practitioner. I immediately didn't feel good about that though. I realized I didn't really care about being a doctor. I didn't mind going to school, I just wasn't excited about it, and the more I thought about having a business of my own, the more excited I got, so  I decided to clean windows :). So I switched my classes to business and graduated in 2012 with a bachelors in business with a focus on entrepreneurship.